7 Places You Have Seen a Sports Massage Therapist and Not Noticed

There are a lot of different focuses and jobs within the scope of being a massage therapist. Being a sports massage therapist is one of these areas. Massage therapists with specific knowledge and skills in sports are found working in many places within the athletic and competitive arenas. Here are a few places where you may have seen a sports massage therapist working and not even noticed:

    1. Basketball Games

      Ever been to a professional basketball game? Down on the floor with the team there was a sports massage therapist to help the ballers keep their muscles loose and ready.

basketball game

    1. On The Sidelines

      Another place you have seen a sports massage therapist is on the sidelines at the football game. Professional and college football teams will have a sports massage therapist handy to help with cramps and other muscular issues.

football team practicing

    1. Cycling Teams

      Professional cyclers are another type of athlete that almost always have a professional sports massage therapist near by. Cyclists on the Tour De France will get a massage after each stage to help keep their leg muscles loose, help increase flow of fluids and blood, and prevent injury and fatigue. Cyclists rely heavily on their massage therapist to help them keep a competitive edge.

bicycle racers

    1. Soccer

      Soccer players are another type of athlete that rely on the expertise of sports massage therapists. Any big league soccer team has a go-to guy to help them prepare for the big game. They also rely on their sports massage therapist to help them recover faster and better.

soccer arena

    1. Behind the Plate

      Baseball players need a massage therapist with special training in athletics. Effective stretching and muscle tension release is key for competitive baseball players. Having a sports massage therapist can help these guys knock it out of the park.

baseball pitcher

    1. Injury Rehab

      Athletes, professional and ameteur, sometimes sustain injuries when competing. Comprehensive injury rehabilitation plans usually include a sports massage therapist. Massage therapists can work with other professionals, like physical therapists, to help injured athletes restore full movement and capabilities.

athlete getting legs massaged

    1. Performing Arts

Dancers are another great example of an athlete that need a massage therapist. People who are lucky enough to make a career out of dancing or other physical performing arts are also usually lucky enough to have a massage therapist. Professional dance companies will usually have a massage therapist or two on staff to help dancers loosen up before going on stage as well as helping them cool down after performing.

How to Become a Sports Massage Therapist

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