Where Can a Massage Therapist Work?

Woman relaxing during a neck massage performed by a Massage Therapist
Spas are just one of many places that Massage Therapists can find work

When you hear the phrase “Massage Therapy” it’s likely that images of spas and cruise ships come into mind. At Indiana Massage College, we offer a special curriculum in Massage Therapy that won’t limit you to those specific areas of work, and invites you into an exciting industry that you can enjoy for years.

Sports and Medical Massage Careers

Our Massage Therapy program is a comprehensive 40-week course which teaches students the ins and outs of Massage Therapy, with focus in the sports and medical fields. So what does that mean for you?

It means that upon licensure, you could work in a variety of places. These may include:

  • Spas
  • Universities
  • Country clubs
  • Medical clinics
  • Chiropractic offices
  • Sports injury clinics
  • National sports teams
  • Physical therapy clinics
  • Resorts and cruise lines

Passing the licensure exam in your state can help get you qualified to work in any of these offices or fields. IMC can prepare you to take that exam, and our experienced staff can assist with job placement upon graduation. Which one of these jobs most appeals to you?

A licensed massage therapist works at a resort.

Massage Therapists Have Options

If you’re interested in a career in Massage Therapy, do your research to determine if one of the above locations would suit your personal needs. Though Massage Therapy is rewarding by itself, it is nice to know that you have options when it comes to where you work.


Like we mentioned before, working in a spa seems like the most obvious choice when you consider becoming a Massage Therapist. Working in a spa can be rewarding as you help customers relax and feel better after an appointment. If you choose to work in a spa you can enjoy the stability of working a regular schedule, with specific appointments, and if you work in a local spa you will likely develop relationships with your patients, which is good for establishing trust and can help you build your client base. If you choose to work in a spa you could have a career for as long as you want it!


College sports are no joke, either to the college, or to their fans. Colleges are always looking for on-hand sports and clinical Massage Therapists to assist their athletes during and after games. This means that, depending on the school, you would likely be on call for a specific team, if not all of them. Colleges pay their Massage Therapists well to keep their athletes in tip top shape. IMC takes great care to ensure our students learn everything they need to know about sports Massage Therapy, which means, upon graduation you could be ready to help these college sports teams perform better!

Country Clubs

Have you ever wanted to work in a country club? These clubs are incredibly nice and private. If you prefer to have a few daily appointments, consider working for a country club. You’ll be working with the same people on a regular basis, and country club members often tip their Massage Therapists. You’ll help the members relax after a day of tennis or golf, and you might even get to experience some of the other amenities the club offers, as employees of country clubs sometimes get to enjoy the same things the members do.

A licensed massage therapist works in a country club.

Medical Clinics

Working in a medical clinic is incredibly rewarding. Massage Therapists who work in medical clinics get to help injured patients recover with the use of medical massage rehabilitation. If you choose to work in a medical clinic you can be happy knowing you are helping people get back on their feet. IMC strives to prepare students for this type of work.

Chiropractic Offices

Massage Therapists who choose to work for chiropractors will be working closely with the doctors to help their patients recover. People who come to a chiropractor are looking for help specifically in their backs and necks, which is why IMC takes great care to help students to intimately understand this type of Massage Therapy.

Sports Injury Clinics

In the event that an athlete, whether professional, college, or high school level, doesn’t receive immediate medical attention after an injury they will be sent to a sports clinic. If you choose to work here you will be working with many different types of athletes, and you will be helping them recover from injuries, or simply just helping their bodies perform better during sports. This is another job which offers stability and a constant schedule, though once on the clock, the challenges vary. If you like that type of variance, consider working in a sports injury clinic.

National Sports Teams

Did you know you could have the opportunity to travel, work with professional athletes, and still get to do the thing you love? Working as the on-hand Sports and Clinical Massage Therapist for a national sports team can be exciting and rewarding. The whole nation, if not the world, is counting on you to get their favorite athlete back in working condition. You will be working with a team of doctors and therapists to help your team members stay in optimal condition. For those students wanting to be immersed in the world of sports and travel, and can handle an extremely fast-paced environment, this could be the job for you.

Physical Therapy Clinics

The difference between a sports therapy clinic, and a physical therapy clinic is that the former focuses specifically on sports injuries and athletes, while the latter helps any person who requires physical therapy. This can include car crash victims, rare accident victims, and veterans. By working in a physical therapy clinic you will be helping each patient get their life back. This career offers a regular schedule and a fast-paced environment!

A licensed massage therapist works in a sports clinic.

Resorts and Cruise Lines

Do you want to travel, but the idea of working with a national sports team freaks you out a little bit? That’s okay, you might want to have a look at a resort or a cruise line. These two are always looking for qualified Massage Therapists and you will love your environment. Though your schedule will likely vary, you’ll love going into work in a beautiful location.

Begin Your Journey With IMC

Each of the above careers can be rewarding, exciting, and will allow you to use the skills you learn with our program. We are dedicated to producing graduates who are prepared to take the licensure exam in any state, and our special attention to both the sports and medical areas of Massage Therapy widens your options for careers. If you’ve ever been worried about being confined to working in one area, know that unlike many massage schools, IMC can help prepare you for any area. So consider you’re future with us, and please don’t hesitate to request more information or explore our program details. We can’t wait to talk with you!

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