Frequently Asked Questions

Students examining instructor's massage demonstration.
Indiana Massage College’s nationally-accredited program offers small class sizes online learning, while also meeting national and state certification requirements

Will I receive enough certification hours from IMC to be eligible for the National Certification Exam and/or the Indiana State Certification?

Absolutely. You will find that Indiana Massage College (Indiana College of Sports & Medical Massage LLC on the chart below) meets and exceeds every area of national examination & state certification requirements.

What is the instructor-to-student ratio at Indiana Massage College?

IMC emphasizes hands-on instruction, so instructor-to-student ratio is never more than 13-to-1.

What is the size of a typical class?

IMC limits class enrollment to 26 students per class. By contrast some schools allow classes with up to 55 students.

How long is the program?

The program may be completed in 50 weeks (about 12 months).

What massage techniques and modalities are emphasized?

While students receive instruction in many popular and therapeutic massage techniques, all techniques are solution-focused and emphasize preparation for work in a clinical setting. Examples include Swedish massage, deep Tissue massage, rehabilitative massage, kinesio-taping, lymph drainage, pregnancy massage, nutrition, hydrotherapy, hot stone, and others.

Will my instructors be experienced therapists?

Yes. Our instructors at IMC come from the ranks of massage therapists who work in spas, medical clinics or private practice. Our instructors are seasoned educators.

Is other coursework available from Indiana Massage College?

No, our business is to educate and train qualified massage therapists. Instead of being just good at many programs, having one program allows us to pursue excellence in our area of specialization.

Will I be able to work while I complete the program?

Yes. Our hybrid learning model was created with the needs of working adults and busy families in mind. Designed for the average student to complete in around 19 hours each week (about the same as a part time job), you have maximum flexibility.

Can I learn massage therapy online from home?

Yes, but not completely. IMC does require 1.5 days on campus each week for instruction and hands-on learning. And, yes, online programs do require initiative and self-discipline, but we also provide support to help you build those skills. Orientation and your first day of class includes exercises in scheduling to balance your school work with family and job. Sample study schedules are provided and then individually adapted to your specific situation. Weekly campus attendance in the classroom allows students to meet and discuss as well as to practice hands-on skills. This combination of home study and supervised hands-on practice optimizes learning and time efficiency.

I’m not a techie. Can I really study online?

Most massage therapists are not techies and our program was designed with that in mind. If you can send an email and have ever used Facebook, then you already have all the skills you will need. If the email part is still scary or you just don’t like Facebook, we’ll cover that in orientation.

What kinds of jobs can I get?

Our program offers a unique combination of medical and sports focused training because we focus on finding solutions for our clients. Unlike many general massage curriculum, which only prepare you for employment at a spa, you will leave us with marketable skills valuable in a variety of therapeutic settings and with the business training to succeed if you decide to create your own job. Of course, we’ll also cover all of the basic massage skills necessary to “wow” a spa manager into offering you spa employment, but you’ll also learn effective techniques for helping ease chronic pain and injuries.

Do I have to take general education classes like English and Math?

No, although general education is important. IMC is a career-focused school providing specific training in massage and bodywork. You can pick up “Gen-Eds” at any community college; come to us for career skills.

Why should I choose a nationally accredited school?

Accreditation is a voluntary process of review that schools choose participate in to demonstrate the ability to meet regulatory requirements and best educational practices established by a recognized accreditation organization. Accreditation reflects a school’s dedication and commitment to meeting standards that demonstrate a higher level of performance and learning.

A comprehensive review is conducted of the school’s organizational structure, policies and procedures, and compliance with federal, and state laws. Evaluators follow a rigorous review process and provide an educational approach to accreditation to ensure accurate, informative on-site evaluations.

What is the difference between state and national accreditation?

In the state of Indiana, all proprietary schools are required to be approved by the appropriate regulatory body. In the case of certificate granting schools, that approval comes from the Department of Workforce Development, The Office for Career & Technical Schools (OCTS).

Accreditation from OCTS is mandatory in Indiana for all schools after the demonstrating achievement of minimal standards, and is not indicative of the higher level of performance or quality you see and expect from Nationally or Regionally Accredited school.