Indiana Massage College Announces Name Change to Indiana Wellness College

While the greater Indianapolis community fondly embraces Indiana Massage College, Founders Dainah and Jason Craft have announced the new name change to Indiana Wellness College. The change reflects the burgeoning massage school’s evolution to the next stage of the college’s vision.

Indiana Massage College was founded in 2010, starting with only 1 student. Now, almost a decade later, the Indianapolis-based massage school has helped employ nearly 300 graduates in rewarding careers and has established a foothold as a trusted provider to local businesses for highly skilled employees.

“The new name – Indiana Wellness College – allows us to emphasize our new vision and brand values for pursuing excellence in training the next generation of skilled workers in health and wellness fields,” said Dainah Craft, Founder and CEO of Indiana Wellness College. “Not only will this change help improve the marketability of our graduates, but will also help the communities we serve have a better quality workforce pool. Moreover, we’re excited to announce that we’re planning to add more synergistic health and wellness program offerings to our college, giving our students more career options and expanded skillsets.”

The vision of Indiana Wellness College is founded in training people who love to help others live healthier and happier lives. The rebranding is part of the college’s strategic commitment to focus its expertise in health and wellness programs only, which means they’re staying away from adding any non-related programs that can dilute the student and employer experience. The founders will also be announcing new programs in the near future and have much more in store for the college. You can learn more about Indiana Wellness College at www.indianawellnesscollege.com or by calling 317-449-4798.