Program Overview

Human Anatomy Classes

Diploma of Sports and Medical Massage (DSMM)

Our DSMM program is 750 hours (4 quarters) of hands-on and in-room training for aspiring massage therapists. Here at Indiana Massage College, we are proud of our profession and its innovations, and we believe it has everything to offer students who wish to pursue a rewarding career in sports or medical massage. Below is an outline of our course:
Human Muscle Anatomy

Quarter 1

10 Weeks
167 Hours

  • Anatomy, Physiology, & Medical Terminology 1
  • Pathology 1
  • Business Law & Ethics
  • Pregnancy Massage
  • Corporate Seated Chair Massage
  • Swedish Massage
  • Clinic 1

The first quarter of the curriculum is focused on learning the fundamentals of massage therapy including anatomy, ethics, and foundational modalities. Students have the opportunity to learn in our student clinic by offering massages to the public and helping with organization. We believe all aspects of this quarter can help our students prepare for a massage career.
Learning Massage Techniques

Quarter 2

10 Weeks
185 Hours

  • Anatomy, Physiology, & Medical Terminology 2
  • Pathology 2
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Kinesiotherapy
  • Clinic 2

The second quarter curriculum is focused on teaching students more in-depth concepts and techniques within massage therapy. Here, students can also practice their skills in our student clinic.
Learning Back Massage Techniques

Quarter 3

10 Weeks
181 Hours

  • Anatomy, Physiology, & Medical Terminology 3
  • Pathology 3
  • Integrative Practice
  • Lymph Drainage Massage
  • Sports, Stretching, and Kinesiotaping
  • MediSPA Techniques
  • Clinic 3

The quarter 3 curriculum can allow students to delve into sports massage on a deeper level. Students can learn specific skills pertaining to sports like stretching and taping, as well as more about the human body and how its make-up can pertain to massage therapy.
Student Massage Training

Quarter 4

10 Weeks
217 Hours

  • Craniosacral Therapy
  • Asian Modalities
  • Pre & Post-Operative
  • Injury & Rehabilitation
  • CPR, First Aid, & AED
  • Clinic 4
  • Practice Management & Marketing
  • Integrative Practice
  • Massage Certification
  • Keystone Project

The last quarter is dedicated to preparing student to receive their massage therapy diploma and to help them become well-versed in several unique massage modalities like Asian and Craniosacral therapy. Our goal is to create knowledgeable, passionate, and driven massage therapists who wish to pursue careers in medical or sports massage upon graduation.

For more information on what our course can offer YOU, contact us. If you wish to read more about what is required for certification and licensing, please refer to our curriculum standards.

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