Materials for Massage Classes

Classroom Work at IMC

Indiana College of Sports and Medical Massage allows our students to access lecture materials electronically. You can view lecture-related modules and videos once, or as often as you need in order to fully understand the information, and return as often as you like to refresh the information.

During the educational program, you will also attend classes on campus one day per week. After completing the Swedish Massage training course during your first quarter, you will participate in the Student Clinic for one 5.5- hour shift each week — your opportunity to sharpen your skills practicing on real clients in a supervised massage clinic.

Interactive Distance Learning

As an ICSMM student, you’ll find many of your lecture materials made available to you via e-mail and a private discussion board page built just for you and your new classmates. You will be invited to access this page after attending new student orientation. This exclusive class page is a direct link between you, your classmates, instructors and staff to compare notes, thoughts, and concerns about the topics of the week or the career field in general as well as to access course materials, assignments and videos from class lectures and hands-on demonstrations.

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Our Mission Statement

We Pursue Excellence in the Training of Compassionate, Clinical, and Client-Focused Massage Therapists.