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At the Indiana College of Sports and Medical Massage a high school diploma or equivalent is required for enrollment. While a college or university degree is beneficial for a variety of reasons, it is not a prerequisite for your massage therapy diploma or professional certification or licensing.


The total cost for the 40-week Diploma of Sports and Medical Massage Program is priced at $9,376.75.

  • ICSMM’s tuition includes classroom materials, clinic facilities and professional instruction.
  • ICSMM is nationally accredited by ACCET – A Partnership for Quality


We offer financial aid as well as financial counseling, including payment plans and recommendations for students seeking third-party financing. To discuss the financing options available, please contact us.

The Learning Experience

Unlike other institutions that teach massage from a theoretical perspective, Indiana College of Sports and Medical Massage emphasizes a hands-on program that prepares you for immediate success in your new career.
• ICSMM is Career-focused

• Classes are Technology-Based

• We Have Small, Personalized Classes

• Interactive Distance Learning with Test and Videos Appeal to All Learning Styles

• Hands-On Massage Training

• Public Clinic Offers Real World Experience

• Receive a Diploma of Sports & Medical Massage

Course Length

Under normal circumstances, you will complete your course and be ready for state certification within one year. (Please see the ICSMM Curriculum Page for details.) The Massage Diploma Program can be completed with only 40 weeks of class; however, vacation breaks between quarters and holidays may lengthen the total classwork completion time. Please contact us to find out the next available start and gradation dates.


Course Structure

Indiana College of Sports and Medical Massage’s Interactive Distance Learning allows our students to access lecture materials and videos online in a private, password protected website. You can view a lecture once, or as often as you need in order to fully understand the information, and return as often as you like to refresh the information.

During the 40-week program you will attend classes on campus one day per week. Once you have completed the Swedish Massage training during your first quarter, you will participate in the Student Clinic for one 5.5-hour shift each week — your opportunity to sharpen your skills practicing on real clients in a supervised massage clinic.

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Our Mission Statement

We Pursue Excellence in the Training of Compassionate, Clinical, and Client-Focused Massage Therapists.