Your IWC Team

Jason R. Craft
Jason R Craft (NCTMB Board Certified MT, BA, GTP), is a founder, instructor and head curriculum designer for IMC. Jason studied Education & Business at USI, completing a Teaching Practicum in Europe before becoming a national AmeriCorps volunteer serving as a site leader, lead instructor and co-coordinator serving immigrant and refugee populations for the Literacy Council of Northern Virginia in the Washington DC metro area. Jason graduated with honors from the Utah College of Massage Therapy gaining his highest marks in Human Anatomy, Oriental Medicine, Deep Tissue for Postural Rehabilitation, and Sports Injury Massage. Jason has since worked in Spa and Medical Office settings alongside Chiropractors and Naturopaths. In addition to volunteering therapy with Hospice patients and their families, Jason has built several private practices and advanced his training in KinesioTaping, Craniosacral Therapy, Lymph Drainage, Visceral Manipulation and others. Jason has taught massage and health science fundamentals professionally since 2003 and has designed two complete massage curriculums. In 2010, Jason and his wife, Dainah, founded the Indiana College of Sports and Medical Massage llc. With the intent of providing consistent high level massage career training across the Ohio river valley. Through a partnership headed by IMC administration, IMC was selected by the Graston Institute as one of the only training centers nationwide to train massage therapists in Graston Technique. Jason became one of the first Massage Therapists in the nation trained in Graston Technique. His current focus is on the ongoing improvement of curriculum, academic staff training, and overall educational delivery at the rebranded Indiana Massage College’s Diploma of Sports & Medical Massage program.
Dainah R. Craft
Dainah R Craft (CMT, BS) is the Founder & Chief Executive Officer of IMC. Dainah studied at the Utah College of Massage Therapy, with an interest in Asian modalities, and Rehabilitative Massage. She furthered her career with advanced training in Spa Techniques, Thai Yoga Massage, and Kinesio-Therapy (Active Release Therapy). Dainah finished her academic degree at the University of Utah where she studied Human Health Psychology and Nutrition. Dainah has years of experience working in the field of massage and bodywork including positions at leading Spas. Dainah furthered her career with positions in Human Resources including hiring, managing and training employees, corporate sales, and proprietary education College Admissions. This business experience, combined with her bodywork experience, enabled her to build a private practice replacing her corporate income in 1 months’ time. Her current focus is on the ongoing growth of Indiana Massage College and the well-being of IMC’s student body. She is committed to ensuring that the Diploma of Sports & Medical Massage will continue to reflect skills that equal success in the real world of professional bodywork: exemplary therapeutic skills, people skills, and hardline business sense. Dainah continues to share her passion for self-employment with students wishing to be successful in massage private practice. She is heavily involved with administration at IMC and continues to lead a high-level faculty and staff at IMC.
Elizabeth Cain
Elizabeth (CMT, MBA, GTP) is the Campus Director and an alumni of IMC. After her MBA at Indiana Wesleyan University, she continued her education and enrolled at IMC July 2012 with a goal of one day working for the New York Yankees. While in massage school, she gained a passion for Cupping Massage. After her March 2013 graduation, she earned her certificate in Cupping via the International Cupping Therapy Association located in Seattle, Washington. March of 2015, she received the Advanced Cupping Certificate from San Diego, California, also from the International Cupping Therapy Association, and is the first practitioner in the state of Indiana with the certificate. With nearly three years of practice in a chiropractic environment, Elizabeth proudly accepted this position with IMC. Her business background of 14 years in retail and Insurance, and business education collaborate well with her many responsibilities including admissions guidance and enrollment, daily campus management, job fair volunteer, VA events, class instructor, and inspirational enthusiast, just to name a few. Elizabeth is also an MS (Multiple Sclerosis) warrior. Hoping to be an inspiration to others, she is a motivational health and gym junkie. When she is not working, you will see her at the gym or downtown Indianapolis training for the next upcoming mini or full marathon. She continues to fight and lives her life by one of her favorite quotes, “This I am today that I will be tomorrow,” Louis L’Amour.
Brittney Tuttle
Brittney Tuttle (CMT) is a proud graduate and the Academic Manager supervising instructors and academic staff at Indiana Massage College. Building on her business education and work experience with IU Saxony Hospital, Brittney worked for a massage franchise and as an IMC massage Clinic Coach/TA. Her consistent excellence as a Clinic Coach earned her a recommendation by her supervisor to move up to IMC Clinic Instructor/Supervisor. Following her success in that position Brittney became a full time staff member deciding to incorporate her massage passion full time at IMC in her position as Academic Manager. Brittney enjoys painting and maximizing time with family. She advocates, motivates and inspires IMC Massage Therapists in Training to be the best massage therapists they can be! Brittney genuinely enjoys watching students learn and grow and truly cares about the success of every IMC student.
Alizabeth Lipan
Alizabeth (Liz) Lipan (LMT, CMT, GTP) was born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan where she attended Blue Heron Academy and graduated as a Therapeutic Massage Therapist, specializing in lower back pain. She has a passion for educating people on the importance of massage and the benefits it has in our lives. Working at IMC as an Instructor/Trainer and a Classroom Coach allows her to see that passion come true. Recently, she attended courses to become one of the first Massage Therapists in the nation trained in Graston Technique, a bodywork technique previously reserved for licensed Physicians and Physical Therapists. She is excited about the partnership IMC has with the Graston Technique and how it will change the way Massage Therapists move forward into the health care field. When Liz is not in the classroom, you can find her baking in her kitchen, traveling as much as she can, and enjoying time with her small family. She loves this opportunity to teach and guide the next generation of massage therapy students.
Mark Tyburski
Dr. Mark Tyburski (MD) is a graduate of the Jagiellonian University in Krakow Poland where he worked as a Jr. Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon at Prokocim Pediatric Hospital. Subsequently, he served as a National Director of Family Medicine for Hombro a Hombro in Intbuca Honduras. Most recently, Dr. Tyburski has been working in Academia serving as departmental director and professor of Pathophysiology for Caribbean Medical University and Xavier University School of Medicine. Dr. Mark loves to travel the world. Currently, Dr. Tyburski works as a consultant for the National Health Services of Panama and an adjunct instructor of Anatomy/Physiology at Indiana Massage College.
Teri Smillie
Teri Smillie (CMT, BA, Herbalist, Nutritional Counselor) is an IMC Graduate. After completing her training at the Trinity School of Natural Health she discovered a passion for massage and bodywork while attending Myofascial Release courses. She enrolled in IMC to obtain her license to touch so that she could continue her studies in Myofascial Release. Since graduating, she has continued her studies in Myofascial Release, Cranial Sacral Therapy and Lymph Drainage. Teri has a thriving private practice, in addition to her role as an IMC instructor and Classroom Coach. Her previous experience as a teacher serves her well as she shares her knowledge and passion for bodywork with future CMT’s.
Ally Buntin
Ally Buntin (CMT, GTP) is a proud IMC alumni and current Classroom Coach. Ally was born in the mountains of Tennessee, but lived most of her life in the Indy area. Shortly after graduating from Noblesville High School, Ally began her journey with Indiana Massage College. While enrolled in the program she discovered a passion for supporting and motivating her fellow classmates. This led to her transitioning into the role of Classroom Coach after her graduation. Additionally, she is employed at Indianapolis’ highest rated studio, Indy Massage Company. She specializes in stress reduction, injury rehabilitation, and instrument assisted soft tissue manipulation. In 2016, Ally was certified in Graston Technique. She is an advocate for IASTM and plans to further her certifications in additional modalities in the future.
Jason Reed
Jason Reed (AA) is the Director of Financial Aid at IMC. Jason began his career helping career focused students in the late 1990’s. Jason’s progressive background includes growing two different institutions into their highest historical enrollment by providing sound, compliant student service in Financial Aid. Along with professional successes, Jason was also asked to speak at a statewide ISFAA Conference on how to best facilitate (relationships between departments that best served the needs of the student. Jason has attended multiple state and federal training sessions to ensure the institution is on the cutting edge of what Financial Aid has to offer. As a graduate of a career college, Jason has a compassion for the challenges, opportunities and triumphs that our students encounter. When he’s not helping students succeed, Jason can be found balancing his time between friends and family or catching the latest movie on the silver screen.
Diane Micich
Diane Micich (CMT) started her massage training on her 50th birthday, and was actively reinventing herself. She is a member of the first graduating class at Indiana Massage College. Growing up in New Jersey where she met and married her husband of 30 years, she started a family at an early age, leaving her little time to further her education, but her dreams of finding a rewarding career remained strong. Diane went to work for United Airlines, where she learned all about corporate America and a word we call “outsourcing”. Her career would take her to Chautauqua Airlines, Republic Airways, the United States Mint and even one year as a real estate assistant. That was all before she met Dainah and Jason Craft and was introduced to therapeutic bodywork. She completed her training and was hired right away by Massage Envy. There, she worked on her bodywork skills as well as her customer service skills. Diane now works in the top spa in the Indy area, The Woodhouse in Carmel. She also manages the student clinic at IMC where she loves to share her passion for massage with the students. Her goal is to empower the students to reach for their dreams and to see each student succeed in the program. She considers herself a mentor and challenges each student to find their niche in the bodywork industry.
Cindy Hall
Cindy Hall (BA, M.Ed.) is the Administrative Assistant/Receptionist for IMC. She has a Bachelor’s degree from Asbury University in Elementary Education and a Master’s of Education in Early Childhood from Ball State University. After having spent 20 years in early childhood education, and three years in the field of integrated health, she is excited to have this opportunity to blend both of these experiences in her position here at Indiana Massage College. In Cindy’s spare time she enjoys quilting, making jewelry, and cooking.
Grant Tharp
Grant Tharp (BS) an Indiana native, had the opportunity to live in five different places (Chicago 2X’s, Pittsburgh, Auburn MA & Trombowersville PA) before his family made their final move to the hometown of his parents – Darlington Indiana with all of this taking place before he entered six grade. A couple of the homes he lived in on the east coast were built in the 1700’s. Grant is a graduate of Eastern Kentucky University and holds a BS in Horticulture. He has a very diverse career background including business ownership, admissions (Wabash College), 20 years of sales, marketing and an annual gig helping families through the FAFSA process. During his many years in sales and admissions Grant was able to travel to every state in the continental US less five states. It is on his bucket list to travel to those five states. Because of Grant’s background in sales/marketing he enjoys the challenge of making sure our massage tables are full of customers so our students can have a real life experience of applying what they have learned in the classroom and use it during their clinic time. Grant has spent many hours coaching and leading a couple of fundraising campaigns for youth sports, volunteering with his church and community, and had an opportunity to drive a large moving van full of clothes, food and water all the way from central Indiana to a tiny little town on the Gulf of Mexico after hurricane Katrina. Grant enjoys spending as much time as possible with his two children and grandson.
Quinton Littlejohn
Quinton “Quin” Littlejohn (BS) was born in Fort Wayne, Indiana and graduated from Ball State University in 2015 with a degree in Advertising with a focus on Marketing. His early work experience combined with marketing knowledge led to a pursuit with friends to start a successful music festival in which he was the Chief Operating Officer. After he graduated from college he held a mid-level corporate sales position along with helping the community of Fort Wayne promote new festivals and ideas pro bono. He takes a vested interest in the success of everything he is a part of, including the success of individuals looking to really change their lives and start a new career in Massage Therapy. You can find him traveling state to state browsing art, learning the story of new people, history, and enjoying fine dining. For how he ended up at IMC, that’s a good story to ask him.