IMC Graduate Testimonials

Student practising back massage technique on classmate.
Our graduates are pursuing exciting careers as clinically-focused massage therapists and business owners.

See What Graduates Have to Say About Their Experience at Indiana Massage College…

Thank you so much! I’m very excited, and a little nervous, to begin this next step of my life with the career I love in a place I love! Thank you for all you did to help me achieve my goals!

Jaime C., Student Graduate

The depth of knowledge I gained about anatomy at IMC is really valuable. Being more medical-focused, I have a better understanding of the body as a whole, and more specifically the muscles I’m working with than students from other schools. And in interviews for the employment track project, employers said the same. They love IMC grads because of their education, knowledge, and skills.

Indiana Graduate

I always tell people about the 750 hours IMC offers vs the 500 hours other schools give. The more hours you have in schooling, the more desirable you are to employers. I wanted more than the bare minimum and they made me work my tail off and I got what I wanted! When I looked online and saw “750” hours vs the “500” hours, I knew it’s what I wanted. The staff are wonderful as well!!

Indiana Graduate

The staff were upbeat, they cared about the students’ education, and most of all they made it very clear that it is up to us to take what we need and that only we can make ourselves better by study and practice – that made me feel that I did everything on my own with the help of the knowledge they had to give, which made me a success!!! IMC is a wonderful Massage Therapy College and I knew that I chose the right school from the start. IMC was the first and only school I looked at!

Indiana Graduate

My instructor gives me a sense of career-oriented confidence and prepares me for any challenge. Thanks for all your advice, teaching, and your positive attitude!

C. Vollmer, Therapist in Private Practice & Radiology Tech

You brought life and excitement to learning. Your enthusiasm kept us going. Your style of teaching encouraged us to optimize our performance and prepared us well for real work events. Thanks so much for helping me get where I am.

R. Rachela, Medical Massage Therapist

My instructor was challenging, but if there is no challenge what do you have to work toward? He’s a well-taught and organized, professional gentleman.

D. Messer, Head Therapist in a Medical Clinic & Private Practice

I loved the Student Clinic and learning different therapies and techniques. IMC is more focused on medical work than most schools. We received more knowledge on medical and healing modalities and treatments.

Caiti P., Student Graduate

Learning modalities that I have never heard of (i.e. Shiatsu). I enjoyed the small class room – very personal. The public comes to “you” which is a great way to earn student hours (versus students having to find clients on their own).

Elizabeth B., Student Graduate

Loved everything! Classes were fun and very interactive. I loved the small classes. When I applied for my current job, they liked that I was trained in the medical aspects of massage as well as in relaxing Swedish Massage.

Jess A., Student Graduate

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