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Testimonials About IMC

We have hired several graduates of Indiana Massage College, and look forward to hiring more. We find graduates of IMC to be well trained and the methods they are taught are right in line with Massage Envy Spa standards and protocols.

-Bruce K.
,Massage Envy Spa

The instructor’s style of teaching used a variety of teaching methods, visuals, movie references, silly sayings, etc. to help us all learn. Also enjoyed the interaction of the other students which helped us learn from each other. I really gained a deep knowledge of muscles and the function of the body.

-Alice W.
,Student Graduate

Hands on time was always a favorite. I feel that’s where I learned the most, both giving and receiving massage. I think the job board and the emails are very useful! Timed clinic hours with “real” clients. Small class sizes. The program is all massage related.

-Allison P.
,Student Graduate

Working on each other in class and a quick curriculum were very impressive. We started working with public soon into first semester. Awesome variety of topics/modalities were taught. Knowledgeable staff.

,Student Graduate

Best for me: 1. class size; 2. clinic practice time; 3. excellent prep work for the test

-Diane M.
,Student Graduate

I really learned about the lymph system and cupping. They (IMC) know more information than most schools, and stay up to date on the latest, giving best results.

-Shari M.
,Student Graduate

The Student Clinic is one of the best features of the school.

-Joe H.
,Student Graduate

Loved everything! Classes were fun and very interactive.” I loved the small classes. When I applied for my current job, they liked that I was trained in the medical aspects of massage as well as in relaxing Swedish Massage.

-Jess A.
,Student Graduate

I valued the friendships made and graduating in 30 weeks. I was impressed with the thorough lecture and hands-on training. The “on the job” training received through clinic is very valuable.

-Kathy W.
,Student Graduate

Learning modalities that I have never heard of (i.e. Shiatsu). I enjoyed the small class room – very personal. The public comes to “you” which is a great way to earn student hours (versus students having to find clients on their own).

-Elizabeth B.
,Student Graduate

I loved the practice time and the friendships I made. It’s small and personable. They actually care about our learning experience. IMC goes out of their way to make sure we understand what we have learned, and they were always available to answer our questions. They also follow up with their students after school.

-Shari S.
,Student Graduate

I loved the Student Clinic and learning different therapies and techniques. IMC is more focused on medical work than most schools. We received more knowledge on medical and healing modalities and treatments.

-Caiti P.
,Student Graduate

You also seem to have a passion for teaching which comes out… That passion makes it fun to learn… I want to pursue more education. You’re one of the reasons for that decision, so thank you!

-E. Evans
,Student Graduate

My instructor was challenging, but if there is no challenge what do you have to work toward? He’s a well-taught and organized, professional gentleman.

-D. Messer
,Head Therapist in a Medical Clinic & Private Practice

My instructor displays a tremendous amount of enthusiasm in his teaching and his career. I have learned a great deal you cannot learn from a book. He maintains patience with us, and he makes learning easy by using stories and examples you can relate to.

-L. Corbito
,Massage Therapist & Personal Trainer

You brought life and excitement to learning. Your enthusiasm kept us going. Your style of teaching encouraged us to optimize our performance and prepared us well for real work events. Thanks so much for helping me get where I am.

-R. Rachela
,Medical Massage Therapist

This is a fantastic instructor. He is very understanding and is willing to work with you through any problem. Had it not been for him, I don’t think I would have learned everything I have.

-S. Coomes
,Massage Therapist

My instructor gives me a sense of career-oriented confidence and prepares me for any challenge. Thanks for all your advice, teaching, and your positive attitude!

-C. Vollmer
,Therapist in Private Practice & Radiology Tech

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