ICSMM Faculty and Staff

Jason R. Craft

Email: jason@icsmmassage.com
Jason R Craft
Jason R Craft, CMT, NCMT, BA, is a founder, instructor and head curriculum designer for ICSMM. Jason studied Education & Business at the University of Southern Indiana specializing in Intercultural Business and completing a Teaching Practicum in Europe before becoming a national AmeriCorps volunteer serving as a site leader, lead instructor and co-coordinator serving immigrant and refugee populations for the Literacy Council of Northern Virginia in the Washington DC metro area. Jason graduated with honors from the Utah College of Massage Therapy gaining his highest marks in Human Anatomy, Oriental Medicine, and Sports Injury Massage. Jason has since worked in Spa and Medical Office settings along side Chiropractors and Naturopaths. In addition to volunteering therapy with Hospice patients and their families, Jason has built several private practices and advanced his training in Kinesiotaping, Craniosacral Therapy, Lymph Drainage and others. Jason has taught massage and health science fundamentals professionally since 2003 and has designed two complete massage curriculum. His current focus is on the ongoing improvement of the Indiana College of Sports and Medical Massage’s Diploma of Sports & Medical Massage curriculum and its cutting edge hybrid learning model.

Dainah R. Craft

Email: dainah@icsmmassage.com
Dainah Craft
Dainah R Craft, CMT, NCMT, BS, Is the Founder & Chief Executive Officer of ICSMM. Her responsibilities include overseeing the enrollment of every ICSMM student, and seeing to the continued growth and development of ICSMM. Dainah studied massage therapy at the Utah College of Massage Therapy, with an interest in Asian modalities, and Rehabilitative Massage. She furthered her career with advanced training in spa techniques, Thai Yoga Massage, and Kinesio-Therapy. Dainah finished her academic degree at University of Utah where she studied human health psychology, and nutrition. Dainah has several years experience working in the field of massage bodywork including positions at the Mountain Body Spa, and the exclusive Kura Door Holistic Japanese Spa. Dainah furthered her career with positions in human resources including hiring, managing, and training employees, corporate sales, and admissions in proprietary education. This business experience, combined with her bodywork experience, enabled her to build a private practice replacing her corporate income in 1 month’s time. Her current focus is on the ongoing growth of the Indiana College of Sports and Medical Massage and the well being of ICSMM’s student body. She is committed to ensuring that the Diploma of Sports & Medical Massage will continue to reflect skills that equal success in the real world of professional bodywork: exemplary therapeutic skills, people skills, and hard line business sense. Dainah continues to share her passion for self-employment with students wishing to be successful private practitioners upon graduation. She is heavily involved with admissions and administration at ICSMM and will continue to ensure a high level faculty and staff at ICSMM.

Diane Micich

Email: diane.micich@icsmmassage.com
Diane Micich
Diane Micich, CMT is a member of the first graduating class at the Indiana College of Sports & Medical Massage llc. She started her massage training on her 50th birthday, and was actively reinventing herself. Diane grew up in New Jersey where she met and married her husband of 30 years. Starting a family at a very early age left her little time to further her education, but her dreams of finding a rewarding career remained strong. Diane went to work for United Airlines, where she learned all about corporate America and a word we call “outsourcing”. Her career would take her to Chautauqua Airlines, Republic Airways, the United States Mint and even one year as a real estate assistant. That was all before she met Dainah and Jason Craft and was introduced to therapeutic bodywork. She completed her training and was hired right away by Massage Envy. There, she worked on her bodywork skills as well as her customer service skills. Diane now works in the top spa in the Indy area, The Woodhouse in Carmel. She also manages the student clinic at ICSMM where she loves to share her passion for massage with the students. Her goal is to empower the students to reach for their dreams and to see each student succeed in the program. She considers herself a mentor and challenges each student to find their niche in the bodywork industry.

Leisa Parks

Email: leisa.parks@icsmmassage.com
Leisa Parks
Leisa Parks, CMT, BA, graduated from ICSMM in 2012 with highest honors. She is a graduate from Indiana University where she received her Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology with a focus in Exercise Science and minors in Spanish and Psychology. She is currently the primary Life Sciences instructor for night classes at ICSMM teaching Human Anatomy, Physiology, Medical Terminology and Pathology as well as various massage courses for our ICSMM night students. Leisa works as a Teaching Assistant at ICSMM’s Public Massage Clinic on weekends as well as working as a massage therapist at True Health Chiropractic & Sports Rehab in Ellettsville IN. Leisa’s private practice interests include Deep Tissue Massage, Trigger Point & Neuromuscular Therapy, Sports Massage and Kinesiotaping.

Shari Morgan

Email: shari.morgan@icsmmassage.com
Shari Morgan
Shari Morgan had been working as a blood microscopist and detox consultant for several years before making the decision to attend the Indiana College of Sports & Medical Massage in 2012. The addition of massage therapy to her detoxing work was life changing for the valuable clients Shari serves in her private practice. Shari has specialized her bodywork training in Aromatherapy, Lymph Drainage Massage and Hot Stone Massage. She currently serves as our Aromatherapy instructor and genuinely enjoys the challenge of teaching a molding future CMT’s. In addition to her work at ICSMM, and her private practice, Shari works at Massage Envy.


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