Massage Therapy Certification

IMC Massage Studio Classroom

At Indiana College of Sports and Medical Massage, you’ll receive the preparation you’ll need to pass a National Certification Exam, so that you can be certified by the Professional Licensing Agency of the State of Indiana or another licensing body should you choose to work in another state.

ICSMM provides comprehensive sports massage and medical massage training in a curriculum that will allow you to work successfully in your chosen field in less than a year after passing the National Certification Exam.

The State average for passing the MBLEX on the first attempt is 76.9%. At ICSMM our students’ pass rate on the first attempt is 94.7% as of April 2016.


Hands-On Massage Training

At ICSMM we limit the size of our classes to 12 students to help ensure that the education you receive fully prepares you for your new career. As a student, you will participate in coursework that allows you to learn, then put what you’ve learned to work immediately, making assessments and using the massage techniques you’ve mastered on real clients.

By focusing exclusively on a massage curriculum, accompanied by class work in anatomy, pathology and essential business practices, we emphasize what matters most to prepare you for success in sports massage, medical massage and general massage careers.

ICSMM is nationally accredited by ACCET – A Partnership for Quality


Interactive Distance Learning

At ICSMM we incorporate Interactive Distance Learning with online modules, practice quizzes, and discussion boards linked to articles and videos selected by classroom instructors to relate to classroom course topics. Unlike traditional educational models which require substantial classroom lectures and very little interactive or hands-on work, the Indiana College of Sports and Medical Massage focuses on genuine career preparation. You spend a full day each week in a class and laboratory setting receiving quality instruction from trained professionals, prepare at home and according to your own schedule with guided review, and attend our public massage clinic putting what you’ve learned to work. Your time, learning and success are optimized.

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Our Mission Statement

We Pursue Excellence in the Training of Compassionate, Clinical, and Client-Focused Massage Therapists.